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Quartz Quartz stone technical

★Maintenance and maintenance of quartz 

●Maintenance and cleaning concept

Quartz stone is a product with excellent anti-fouling and scratch resistance. It is often used on counters, kitchen countertops and other surfaces that are prone to moisture and gravity wear. It can make quartz stone look like new forever without special cleaning and maintenance. Quartz stone series products are extremely strong and durable. Please read the maintenance manual carefully, it can help you understand how to maintain the series of products easily, and at the same time avoid serious damage and repairs. With a little common sense, you can enjoy the elegance and beauty of this collection of quartz stones forever.

●Easy precautions

Please do not place the hot pot just out of the gas stove or oven directly on the countertop. Although quartz stone is more heat-resistant than other materials, all countertop materials will break due to drastic changes in temperature, especially at the edges. For this reason, make use of potholders and racks to make your countertops last longer.

Avoid using strong acids (example: strong caustic cleaners for drains, bathtubs) and wipe up immediately if these items are accidentally tipped over.

The hardness of quartz stone is more scratch-resistant than other countertop materials. However, in the case of abnormal use, it is necessary to avoid knives, drills or other sharp objects directly hitting the surface or cutting, the acceleration of gravity will exceed the value that the resistance can bear.

●General maintenance and cleaning

The quartz stone series is water resistant so can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge, mild or general detergent. If you feel that the surface is dirty and dull, it can be usedAjax® or Comet®Just clean it. Periodically clean with a harsh detergent or a damp scouring pad (Scotch Brite, product of 3M Company in the United States) Wipe and maintain the entire surface with circular gestures.

●Disposal of overturned special liquid

Usually it can be wiped with a mild detergent or soaked in warm water and soapy water, but some difficult stains, such as food dyes, tea or fruit juice, require stronger detergents to clean, for example: use hard Scrub directly with detergent and scouring pads, avoid using bleach or abrasive cleaners.

Solid surface technical

★How to maintain solid surfaces?

high temperature

Boiled cooking utensils should not be placed directly after leaving the stoveOn artificial stone countertops, it is recommended to use a heat-resistant pad orStands are isolated to protect the countertop.


If you use a knife to cut directly on the artificial stone countertopcutting, the surface may leave scratches, it is recommended to use

A cutting board for protection.

the stain

Artificial stone is a consistent solid, disinfectant, cosmetics and seasonings will not infringe the product butStrong chemicals may still cause damage, aOnce it is stained, it should be wiped off immediately and washed with clean water.

●Chemicals that may damage the product

   ◎Bath and toilet cleaner

   ◎Rust remover

   ◎Paint solvent

   ◎Oil-based strange pen

   ◎Hair Dye◎5%carbolic acid

   ◎Industrial strong acid and strong alkali

professional maintenance

If you cannot handle the damage by yourself, please contact the original buyerPurchasing pipes to request services, or according to the guarantee of each brandContact information for assistance. general maintenanceFree service is available for one year.

● Easy maintenance:

Daily maintenance can be wiped with a wet towel and kitchen detergent. If the above methods cannot be cleaned, please use a sponge to soak in concentrated detergent.

Scrub with circular reciprocating motions.

​Technology Fabrication 

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