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the magicstone It is our name, and it is also our self-expectation, hoping that it can be internalized and become our DNA..

With 30 years of construction experience, the Stone Elf team has always been adhering to the responsibility of maintaining partnerships with customers and being a good craftsman.


​Social care

August 1st is the day when the company was established. We set this day as Jiejing Public Welfare Day to encourage employees to care for the disadvantaged in society. The company allocates a corresponding amount to donate in the name of employees to give back to the society as much as possible. ​ We hope that this belief can continue, and pray that we have greater ability to give, which is also our vision for social care.


Jadeshine Co., Ltd.

SINCE 1992

From the early stage of representing Formica stone all the way forward, we have now become a professional engineering team, constantly expanding the scope of services, from material trading, processing, kitchen utensils and cabinets to home repair and engineering contracting.


Member reward system


Introduced by a certified member or in the networkUnion intopayPassThe owner of the case site may join upon applicationmember.


[1] Encourage alliance members to introduce case sources,havebecomedelivery time5% of the transaction amountprizebonus.

[2] Cases completed by members are provided to owners5%stored value bonus, can be used in the next casefield orIt is used when a new case is introduced and closed.

[3] also availableStore value bonus in the name of memberby our companygenerationTurn it into charity and donate to the weakpower group.

charity donation

With the consent of the member, 5% of the stored value bonus will be donated after the case is completedDonate to public welfare, the donation object can be designated by the member concerned orThe reference list will be submitted by the company, completed and donatedThe recipient's receipt certificate and the donor.


  • 會員提案儲值紅利

    Free Plan
    • 只要加入會員,不收取任何費用,有介紹案源給聯盟並成交,按成交金額的5%作為介紹酬謝獎勵金。
    • 自己的案場經由本聯盟承作,提供5%的儲值金,於下個案場使用,不管自用或併算在介紹的案源內。亦即是共有10%的紅利可享。
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